Most Common Computer Problems (Part 2)


So, In Most Common Computer Problems ( Part 1 )  we discussed about some of the very common computer problems. Today, I am going to take it further and mention some other computer problems you should watch out for.

My Screen is Blank – If your Computer is ON but you just see a blank screen then Check the power point first. Check whether the monitor is connected with the power point and check the connection between monitor and the hard drive is secure. If you have a laptop, then you would have to take it to a professional as some of the internal wire may be worn.

Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) – It is one of the scariest computer problem for any computer user, when you see a blue screen with some white texts on it. It could be caused by many things like Hardware failure, Damaged software, Corrupt DLL files, Problems with drivers and more. You may have reboot your computer then. However, your computer screen would give you some codes for identifying the problem with your computer.

This Application runs very slow – Sometimes, we do panic when some of our favorite applications run at a turtle speed. If you face such problem with your computer then be sure there is some problem with your Operating System or the Application. Your Operating System might be missing some updates or your computer might not have enough hard disk memory. You may update your Operating system or run a scan and clean and optimize your Hard drive. Or  just uninstall the application and reinstall again and check.

This Application is not getting Installed – In this case, again you might have to check your hard disk weather you have enough memory on it or not. You might have to clean some memory and make space for your new application. You can clean the junk files and temporary files or data of the software you have already uninstalled.

System won’t Boot – You may have to reinstall with a windows recovery disk in this case.

About Me – My name is Ron Watson. I am one of the founder of HELPMYCOMPUTERNOW ! . We have a team of certified technicians who can remotely resolve any problem with your computer. You can always visit us whenever you get any problem with your computer and chat with our experts about it. I am sure you will get the solution in a minute. You can follow our BLOGS to know more about your computer. Like Us, if you are in Facebook and get updates regularly.

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Most Common Computer Problems ( Part 1 )


Computers have become an essential part of human life. Can you spend a day without checking your mails, updating your Facebook or twitter status ? Probably not. And what if your entire business or your work depends on your computer, Can you spend a day without sitting in front of your computer? It has become a part of our daily life. And to be honest, many of us do use our computers but do not know much about it. I mean we don’t maintain our computers as it should be maintained. And that causes many common computer problems. Those problems could be very frustrating sometimes. Specially when you or your entire work depends on your computer. Where I am going to explain some of the common computer problems and how they caused.

My Computer is very slow – I know how it felt like when you are trying to do something as fast as you can and your computer becomes as slow as it could be. You must be feeling like throwing your computer out of your window. But don’t do that. There are several reasons behind your slow computer.

Fragmented data, A corrupted registry, Spyware, A full hard drive, Too little RAM (Random Access Memory) and thousands of unnecessary programs running at the same time.

TIPS – Some of these issues can be easily fixed. You just need to remove the programs you never use, Clean your registry with a good Computer Cleaning Software, Run a Defragmenter, Delete the unwanted data and give your computer a little space. I am sure, it would make your computer much faster.

My Computer Freezes – It is more critical then your slow computer. It could led you to lose all your information.

It might be done by the virus or spywares which are installed in your computer without your knowledge. They may have come from any fake websites or spam mails. Generally the mails looks like from your Bank, PayPal, Facebook and So on.

It could also be done by your computer’s hardware. Too little RAM, Registry Conflicts or Missing files or recent software updates could be the reason.

TIPS –  You could avoid such problems by keeping a good Protection in your computer. If you have one, make sure that your Protection is properly updated. Check your hardware drivers and Update them if they are not updated. Or you can uninstall the drivers and install them once again.

My Computer is Noisy – A Noisy computer is clearly a hardware problem. Computer hardware often make noise before they completely fail. It could be the Fan inside your computer’s CPU. It could be fixed easily.

I lose my Internet all the time – Dropped Internet Connection can be very frustrating. It can be caused by viruses, a bad modem or problem with the drivers. But make sure to check our Internet or phone cable first.

I lost all my Data – Its often faces by home computer users. Losing your data can give you a heart attack. No one wants to lose his/her photos, official papers, important documents. Right? All your data gets stored in your computer’s Hard drive. You lose everything when the Hard drive gets damaged or break down. I have the warranty ! That’s great. But your warranty can replace  the Hard drive but not your data.

TIPS – You could have a secondary Hard drive for backup or you can backup your data with the Cloud memory. A Cloud memory enable you to access your data from any where. For example – You put your data in could from your computer and you can access those data from anywhere else without having your computer or hard drive with you. I can give you a list of good could memory service providers, if you want. Just let me know.

My Computer gets shut down automatically – You are preparing a presentation for tomorrow’s meeting and your computer shuts down. How does it feel?

It can also caused by the viruses or the Hardware department of your computer. Dying power supply, Defective battery or Bad cable connection can the reasons.

TIPS – If your computer is very hot, the Fan inside your computer’s CPU needs to be clean. But check all the cable connections before that. If it’s a laptop, check whether your Battery is working or not. You might have to replace it either.

I don’t like my browser any more – Sometimes, you get different browser homepage which may spin your head. Check weather it’s a virus or a marketing software.

TIPS – Try to get rid of the virus or uninstall the browser and install it once again.

My Computer shows wrong time – If your computer gets mad with the time, try to reset the time and if it continues to lag, just replace the battery. It might be a problem with the CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) battery.

There are thousands of other problems, we face with our computers. I am going to cover them all in my coming articles.

Things get worse when you face any problem in middle of some work and don’t know the solution for that. Now, you can get help for any kind of computer related problem immediately just by visiting our organization called HELPMYCOMPTUERNOW. We have a team of certified technicians, who are online all the time. So, whenever you get any problem with your computer you can simply visit our site and chat with our technicians. And I promise you, you will get the solution in a minute.

Thank You for your time.

Ron Watson.

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